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Core Return Process


ES sells engines on an exchange basis. This essentially means that we sell you a remanufactured ZERO Mile engine, with the intention of receiving your old engine, or the core deposit. The Core Deposit is listed at the top of listing, and this is an ADDITIONAL AMOUNT in which the customer is invoiced separately for. Once you are ready to send in your core to receive the core deposit back, please call our customer service at (323) 487-0353 and our shipping department will schedule the return shipment for you. You do not need to do anything other than make sure the core engine is securely tied down to the same pallet we shipped your engine on. The engine should be drained of all fluids, and have the same parts we sent on the re-manufactured engine (no more and no less). Your core is important to us so that our engines are consistently in inventory. There is a return shipping fee on the core which is actually 50% of the original shipping price. We expect all core internals such as crankshaft, camshaft, block, & heads be in normal wear and tear condition, and NOT cracked or broken to qualify for the FULL Core Reimbursement If the core is not completely rebuild-able you may still receive a partial reimbursement depending on what parts can still be used. Below are actual photos of examples of what may be considered NON Rebuild-able Cores. For further questions regarding the rebuild-ability of your core, please call one of our sales associates to discuss the condition of the core.

What Is a Core Charge on an Engine?

A core charge is deposit that is paid for any purchase of a used engine until the condition of that engine is reviewed and approved. During a purchase, the old engine is exchanged for a rebuilt engine.